New Minibeast springers installed in the Infants Play Area!

In late 2021 the second of the old springers in the Infants Play Area broke, leaving just one of the original three that had been there many years looking very sad on its own.

This left Friends of the Park in a predicament, as the proposed "Community Hub" facility that may one day be built in the park is to include brand new play areas.

So should we hang on and wait, saving our money for other improvements to the park?

Despite talking to the council about the "Community Hub" since January 2019, we still don't know when, where or how it will be built, what it will include or if it will actually happen. Having several other key projects we want to do on hold because of it too, we decided it would be wrong to delay replacing the old springers.

So just before Christmas 2021 we completed negotiations with Stockport Council to bring three new Minibeast Springers to the park in the New Year.

We were delighted to welcome Betty the Bee, Lily the Ladybug and Cecil the Caterpillar to Marple Memorial Park in February 2022!

New Minibeasts in the Infants Play Area

Funded by Friends of Marple Memorial Park 50-50 Club

The final cost was confirmed as £3,550 and we agreed to split the funding of these new Springers 50-50 with the council. Our share is therefore £1,775 and the council will contribute the same amount from commuted sums. Our share is funded by income from our 50-50 Club, which has been a huge success for us.

If you would like to help us do even more in your community park please consider signing up to our 50-50 Club here.

As a reminder, here is how things looked before Betty, Lilly and Cecil came to play...

Two of our springers have gone missing