Art from the Parks supports Marple Skatepark Project

Local artist Sarah Morley held an exhibition entitled "Art from the Parks" between 15 and 29 March at Marple Library in support of the Skatepark Project and managed to raise a brilliant total of £263 for our cause. This included £67 collected in donations and a contribution of £196 from the proceeds of the artwork sold.

Sarah is a local artist, living near Marple, and has a studio in Vernon Mill. The art featured in the exhibition showed different views and aspects of local parks, including those in and around Marple. Sarah first became interested in this subject matter when the Council was consulting on making cutbacks to the local parks last year and she thought it would be great subject for some paintings to hopefully get people more engaged with the wonderful and varied parks that we have around Stockport.

If you missed Sarah's "Art from the Parks" Exhibition

Here are some photos of Artist Sarah Morley with visitors to the exhibition taken by Arthur Procter.

Here's why Sarah chose to support the project:

I feel strongly that we in Stockport have a great diversity of wonderful parks and it is very important to get as many people as possible to enjoy them. Last year our local council had a community consultation on how they could cut spending on the parks. With this also in mind I felt that it was important to have an exhibition of paintings from different Stockport parks to highlight how fantastic our parks are and increase awareness and support for our parks. With the help of the Friends of Marple Memorial Park I was able to team up my exhibition with supporting the Skatepark fund.

As a mother of teenagers myself I also think it is particularly important to encourage teenagers and older children to continue to enjoy their parks when they have outgrown the playgrounds. Time outside is very important to their health and development. So for all of those reasons I am supporting the further development of the Skatepark by the Friends of the Marple Memorial Park. I hope they are able to reach their target soon and attract the match funding they will require.

Friends of the Park would like to thank Sarah for her support of Marple Skatepark Development Project.