Town Centre Bench MaintenanceTown Centre Bench Refurbishments

At last Friends of Marple Memorial Park have been able to get our 2021 Town Centre Bench maintenance underway.

Thanks to the pandemic and lockdown restrictions we were unable to do any maintenance in 2020, so they need more work than normal since we refurbished them all between 2015 and 2019. It was great to get the first four under our belt and also to receive some very appreciative comments from passing members of the public.

We were also treated to tea, coffee and scones from All Things Nice and a wonderful Gelato ice cream from Cocolato, formerly the Magnificent Chocolate Company.

Commemorative Bench in Memorial Park

We also managed to finish the addition of a new commemorative plaque in memory of Nancy Adams to one of the benches in the park already sponsored by the Tait family. As well as paying for the new plaque, which we fitted, the family also made a very generous donation towards our maintenance materials for all benches.